Roan Energy is a Denver based Energy Consultant.  The leadership team at Roan Energy consists of three seasoned energy industry professionals totaling 90+ years of energy experience.  Team Roan is well versed in all facets of transporting natural gas, liquids and crude oil from the wellhead (lease) to the delivery point (market).  We have extensive experience in managing midstream assets and dealing with third party entities.  
Our backgrounds include marketing, trading, capacity release, scheduling, invoicing, imbalance control, business development, regulatory, contract negotiation, risk management, hedging financial risk, auditing and much more.

We at Roan Energy work hard to get the best possible pricing, terms and conditions for our customers.  Our primary goal is to improve price netbacks while ensuring your production flows reliably to market.  We strive to provide excellent customer service while advocating for our customers.

Our knowledge of downstream pipelines and market conditions allow Roan Energy to capture the best netback for your natural gas and crude oil while providing professional gas control services and crude oil logistic solutions.  We have experience in most regions in the USA, both operated and non-operated leases.  We uncover market opportunities to benefit you, all at a reasonable monthly cost.